Eco-Gardening Training at Laudato Si' Centre

Eco-Gardening Training at Laudato Si’ Centre

Our Laudato Si’ Centre has teamed up with the Northern School of Permaculture and Ecospheres Design to create a fascinating course on eco-gardening.

The Eco-gardening Essential Training programme enables gardeners of any skill level to confidently adopt sustainable gardening methods. The course aims to give participants the opportunity to learn the theory and practice of gardening with ecological patterns and has been designed to skill people up while supporting the development of an eco-garden setting.

The focus of the Eco-gardening Essential Training programme is on the application of permaculture principles to create and develop ecological gardens. You will gain insight, experience and confidence in regenerative gardening practice.

This programme was developed to bridge the knowledge gap between conventional landscaping, gardening and horticulture, and designing resilient eco-gardens and re-wilding projects.

It is an ideal CPD [Continual Professional Development] programme in Ecological Gardening Practice for teachers, and other professionals aiming to get started with creating, developing and maintaining outdoor learning settings.

After studying this programme, you will be equipped with the knowledge to create low-maintenance, sustainable eco-gardens. Ecological gardens are self-regulating green havens, designed to re-vegetate the Earth, capture carbon, nurture biodiversity and mitigate climate change.

Training will take place on various dates throughout the spring and summer.

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