The Letter: A Message for our earth

A thought-provoking new documentary that has been developed with the help and participation of Pope Francis is uniting people across the globe in a call for environmental and social justice.

The Letter is a powerful documentary, released in October, exploring more about the principles of Pope Francis’ letter Laudato Si’ and the escalating impact of climate change on communities around the world.

The film follows the stories of a number of inspiring individuals from around the world, including a climate refugee, the courageous leader of an indigenous community who was captured and tortured for his protection of his people and the land, a Vatican preacher, a young female activist, marine biologists, and the president of the Laudato Si’ Movement. 

Together, they travel to the The Vatican for eye-opening discussions about the destructive impact of climate change and the universal call for action.

The Letter is available to watch now on YouTube at

The Reaction

Since its release, The Letter has inspired a wave of conversation about the climate emergency and how we as individuals and communities can respond.

It has succeeded in bringing together people of all faiths and backgrounds in a common cause to build a better world for all.

Communities across the globe have come together to hold screenings of the film to help spread the message and discuss more about how parish, school, and family life can respond to the crisis.

How you can get involved

The Letter is not just a documentary; it is an invitation to join a global, multi-faith call for a future built on justice and sustainability.

All major faith traditions – encompassing 70% of the earth’s entire population – encourage us to take action to care for our common home.

To help communities and individuals respond with action, the Laudato Si’ Movement has compiled a number of resources to help you on your way.

For communities
If you would like to join parishes and communities around the world in hosting a screening, the film can be accessed via YouTube and you can also download a helpful guide for discussion and reflection points.

Click here to download the event guide and please let us know if you are planning to hold your own screening by emailing

For schools
A special lesson plan has also been designed for secondary school, sixth form, and university students.

Click here to download now.

At home
If you would like to watch The Letter at home or with your family, there is also another resource to help you take action at home.

You can download the pack now by clicking here.